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The Year of Nationalism

2016 will be seen as the year that nations rose up for the rights and strength of their country — which is contrary to the Globalists views of their governments.

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Citizens Rise up

With the world as unstable and discombobulated as it is today, citizens of many nations have shifted their political views further to the right than have ever been seen in decades. In the US, for example, it is clear that during the primaries over the last few months,  the political party that hit the ground running was the Republican party, and not just a little.

We have seen a surge of popularity to the political platforms that are more right of center than normal. In fact, the US primaries became more intense after Republican Candidate Donald Trump announced that: “We should ban all Muslims from entering into the United States until we find out what’s going on.” Those words were condemned by the far left as irresponsible and dangerous. But it seemed to awaken a sleeping giant — the “Silent Majority”

Donald Trump’s popularity, with respect to immigration policy has hit a nerve with America as something they’ve always felt was the right thing to do for our country for a long time.


Front-runner Donald Trump Campaigning in the 2016 primaries.

Trump announced he would build a great wall along the Mexican border to keep  illegal aliens out of the United States. This resonated well with Americans  because of the frustration of Americans about the influx of illegal immigrants who were allowed to enter into the U.S. illegally.

President Obama, all but took away the borders and allowed not only illegal aliens to enter the US, but criminals and drug dealers to enter freely as well.

The Liberal policy of President Obama was to allow as many people into the US as possible, and provide Government healthcare and financial assistance — including to provide an immigration lawyer to every illegal alien to begin the documentation process to become a permanent resident.

The citizens of the United States were so infuriated by this policy, that they were just waiting for a “Non-Establishment” candidate to reverse the socialists policies initiated by President Barack Obama  over the past 8 years.

The U.K. rises out of the quagmire of the European Union

With the influx of Migrants from Syria pouring into Europe by the millions, we, in the United States, have witnessed “Radical Islam”, all but take over the United Kingdom. We watched the protests; the push for Sharia, and the U.K.’s inability to speak out against the uprising due to the political correctness of the Liberal left. We also were witness to larger nations, being forced to support the smaller member nations which didn’t seem to have the ability to manage their  countries social and economic needs.

For many reasons, the United Kingdom became very unhappy with the policies of the European Union and have even been voting to opt-out of the EU. The citizens of the UK are split 51 to 49 to leave the European Union — this despite President Obama’s threatening trade if the UK leaves the EU.

It remains to be seen, how the U.K. will vote on the subject, but more than likely, an economic split from the U.K. will trigger a similar reaction from Italy, and other European nations that will certainly threaten the existence of the E.U. entirely.

Germany has begun to move far right.

Germany’s right-wing political party the “Alternative for Germany, (AfD) has become more popular recently as a movement that condemns the increase of attacks and rapes by Muslim migrants who have entered into Germany over the past two years.

The AfD is now creating policies focused against Muslims and protests against Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel — blaming her for the economic and political destabilization that germany is in today.

The AfD’s stance is that Islam is not compatible with Germany and additionally, contains a manifesto against the building of minarets and  wearing of the burqa. They also support the view of a “Traditional Family” unit.

The Philippine has had enough with corruption


Presidential hopeful for the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte

The Philippines is also tired of the few taking advantage of the poor, and getting richer in the process. Very soon, the Philippines will elect a new president, and the front-runner is an extremely well-respected man named, “Rodrigo Duterte”. The media in the U.S. and around the world will paint Mr. Duterte as a mass-murderer, but his unorthodox style of managing the City of Davao as Mayor, as labeled Davao City, “The safest city in the world” three years running.

Mayor Duterte is tough on crime, drugs and especially Islamic terrorist groups. In fact. many Islamic Terrorist groups live in Mindanao, but they don’t set foot in Davao City. Mayor Duterte is known best for his “Death Squads”. When kidnappings or drug dealers try to do business in his city, he merely has his squad execute all of them.

The reputation that follows mayor Duterte, is that “He doesn’t mess around”. There are stories, for example, of how a Islamic Terrorists kidnapped a woman and drove her to a bank in Davao City with several armed men in the van outside. When the woman was escorted into the bank to pay a ransom, Duterte’s death squad showed up and shot everyone in the van, then killed the kidnapper going into the bank.

Drug dealers are not welcome there either. Duterte funded many drug rehabilitation clinics in Davao City to help addicts, and blames the Drug Dealers that have infultrated his city. When he finds them, he simply drives them out, or kills them.

Mayor Duterte is very popularly well know in the Philippines and has receive high praise for eliminating corruption in his city. He was immediately hailed as the most popular Presidential candidate in the race. In fact one of his more noted statements, was, “I’m going to clean up the corruption in the Philippines, and all of the fish are going to be very fat.”

Because of Islam, Near economic collapse of countries, and very poor governance in several nations over the past few years, the making of Nationalism has become a very attractive proposition. Everyone wants their nation back to the strong, stable and persevering countries they believe they can be.

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