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ISIS Attacks in Orlando Night Club

By Ron A. Romero

Early this morning a gay nightclub was attacked by an ISIS sympathiser who shot approximately 104 people in Orlando Florida — 50 people are known to have been killed. This comes during the combined Muslim holiday of Ramadan, and Gay Pride month.


Orlando – June 12, 2016

300x300Approximately 20 to 50 people have been killed, and about 54 injured, in a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida at approximately 2:02 am EST. The rampage was conducted by Omar Mateen, A Muslim from Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

ISIS has officially claimed responsibility of the nightclub shooting, and did issue a warning on June, 9th, that it was going to attack America — in Florida. Omar, whose parents were of Afghan descent, was born in the U.S. as was confirmed to be Muslim and registered Democrat.

He was under investigation in 2013, but was let go. Mateen, born in 1986, was shot on site by police in a firefight with many law enforcement officers, including SWAT. It is now reported by Department of Homeland Security that Mateen had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The White House has still not made any statement regarding the massacre.

Islam strictly forbids Homosexuality in it’s community and kills Gays in countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Libya. The Quran itself states that Homosexuality is punishable by death. CAIR was not willing to comment about the shooting.

proxyA pro-ISIS group sent out a kill list of over 8000 civilians, and with that came a warning to the United States that they were going to attack the United States, and focused mainly on Florida. This statement came out June 9th, 2016, reported by many sources.

Though Police are reluctant to make any ties of the shooter to Islam, We are in the midst of Ramadan — the Religious Muslim holiday, lasting one month. on June 5th, the U.S. State Department issued a warning ahead of the Ramadan holiday that people must be vigilant and watch for terrorist activities.

Witnesses say everyone was rounded up together before the shooting began. Experts say if everyone ran and tackled the suspect immediately, then only 3 to 10 people may have been shot instead of over 100.

ISIS did release a statement before June 5th urging all muslims to attack during Ramadan


Santa Monica police have arrested a man from Indiana who was suspecting of carrying out a similar attack on the Gay Pride parade that was to begin that day. FBI agents, who took over the investigation said the man, also a muslim and ISIS sympathiser had a trunk full of rifles and chemicals that could have been used to make explosives.

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