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China Defies Courts; Vietnam Responds with Militarization


Vietnam has taken the Chinese occupation of the Spratly islands as a threat to their region
and has deployed several Israeli made Missile launchers along the coast of the South China Sea. These missiles are reportedly capable of taking out any of China’s assets in the spratly Islands region. Though Vietnam has a much smaller military, and experts say, cannot match forces against China directly. It is ascertained that this is a small part of a much larger coordinated effort of several interested Nation States in the region and around the world.

South-China-Sea-War-VoiceofVietnamThe Hague Court, authorized to resolve legal disputes in the Global Community, had ruled that China had no historical rights to the Spratly Islands whatsoever. China, in a defiant reaction dismissed the decision as illegitimate. As you might recall, Saddam Hussein had also dismissed the new Iraqi court ruling as illegitimate, until the day he was hung December 30th 2006.

The Philippines is now requesting direct talks with China to defuse the tense standoff in the region, in order to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. China has indicated that Fidel Ramos, the Philippines Special Envoy to China is very welcome for realistic talks with Ramos as he had indicated he wanted with China in this next go-round of negotiations.


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