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North Carolina Mall on Lockdown with Reported Shooting

Police were clearing  a Belk store  in the Raleigh North Carolina’s Crabtree Valley Mall today.  Police entered the store as customers who heard the shooting ran out into the parking lots. One shopper was taken to the hospital after being trampled by fleeing customers.

The Shooter is still at large according to police. The shooting started as an argument in the food court according to witnesses. Six shots were fired but no one was reported to be injured. Police are still looking for suspects and victims of the shooting

Workers were told to lock their doors. Police and SWAT made a coordinated effort to find the shooter, but at this time. the shooter is still at large. The shooting took place around 2:30 pm Saturday when the mall was more populated with customers than usual on a 93 degree day.

You may recall another incident on December 2015 at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte where an 18 year old man was shot by an off duty police officer, Thomas Ferguson who was working at the mall at the time.

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