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Islamic Imam and Assistant Executed in Queens

Imam Maulama Akonjee and an assistant, Thara Uddin were shot in the back of the head, almost execution style as the two left a Mosque in Queens after Saturday Prayer. Violence against Muslims is at an alltime high, since the recent violence against citizens and Europeans increased around the world. Video was captured showing the armed man walking up to the two as they left the Mosque and without a word, shot Okonjee, 55 and Uddin 65, at point blank range.

714Imam ShotMuslims witnesses were quick to blame Donald Trump, and said he created Islamophobia, which they claimed was the reason for the incident, but failed to mention at all the terrorist attacks in San Bernadino or Orlando. Nor do they blame the recent decapitation of Jacques Hamel, a Priest in France, or the 85 innocent people ran over by a truck in Nice France.

The media has been trying to spin the incident against Donald Trump as well, but Police are still trying to determine if this was a hate crime or a botched robbery. Sources say the shooter approached the Iman and his assistant earlier — one of which was carrying hundreds of dollars in cash. A short time later the gunman was seen returning with a gun and without a word, shot the two as they were walking home.




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