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Donald Trump Brings Lt. General Michael Flynn to Intelligence Briefing

The Republican Nominee Donald Trump has made it no secret that he doesn’t entirely trust the information coming out of the Intelligence Community. For that reason Mr. Trump brought an expert in Intelligence and global insight — Lt. General Michael Flynn.

Flynn, an expert in Intelligence, Terrorism, and Military Strategy around the world is sure to validate what was being said during the meeting, and will assure the FBI deliver a much more pristine picture of global events that Mr. Trump may not have otherwise had if he went to the briefing alone.


Donald Trump (Charles Krupa/AP)

Flynn, a trusted supporter of Mr. Trump, who also spoke at the Republication National Convention on Trump’s behalf, accompanied Donald Trump on his first ever Intelligence Briefing. The briefing itself was to contain, more or less, Global Affairs and Geopolitical information about Troops and Terrorist movements around the world, and how the politics of the region is affected by the current events around the world.

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Mr. Trump isn’t expected to receive information on Agents, or strategic information about how assets on the ground are being used. The briefing should, however, give Donald Trump an informative perspective on global events on which to refine his platform regarding the global affairs, and political movement that affects the United States.

Some things to look for in Mr. Trump’s speeches will be the tone with respect to various countries especially Russia and Turkey. You may also hear more about NATO, China, and the global immigration crisis and how it’s really affecting Europe.

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This, being Mr. Trump’s first briefing will surely become a test to see how he handles confidential information, and whether or not the FBI can instill confidence in Mr. Trump — allowing them to conduct future intelligence briefings in even greater detail in the future.


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