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Clinton Health Analysis

With the lack of interviews Hillary Clinton has given over the last few months, and the noticeable deterioration of her health, one has to make determinations of their own to decide whether someone is healthy enough to be able to hold the highest office in the land.

I would first consider that we already know Hillary is in Ill health and should consider what’s best for the people first. It goes without saying that if you know you are having serious health issues — so serious that you don’t tell anyone about them, then you really should step down and allow someone else to run, otherwise you just look completely selfish by hiding your health problems, and begs the question, “What is her real motive?”

I wanted more, to point out something that we must consider with regards to Hillary’s health problems and her clothes. We have seen that her Medical handler has been seen with a syringe, and always walking by her side. We’ve also seen that Hillary’s new limouzine has been equipped with a bed and a defibrillator.

Now let’s consider, for a moment, that there must be something more seriously wrong with her than a mere cold, or reaction to alcoholism, but one that necessitates a medical assistant and a fear that her heart may stop at any moment. Now back to the clothes. Her wardrobe began to change some months ago around just before the Republican National Convention. Her convulsions and other strange facial reactions and twitches occurred about the same time.


Bloomberg/Getty Images

The question is: “Why is she now wearing custom made clothes, that are very baggy and obviously hiding something?” Well let us consider this: She has been having a hard time getting up stairs and walking in general. This may very well have something to do with what is being hidden under her new baggy wardrobe.

I would consider  that she is wearing monitoring equipment to monitor her vitals at all times. It is feasible that she is also wearing a compact defibrillator as well. You would need radio equipment to relay her vitals back to a control panel somewhere outside of an arena — away from visibility, and with a 2 or 3 hour speaking event where she will be visible at all times, would  require a sizable battery.hillary-cape-cod-fundraiser2

It’s possible that her entourage could carry one, but she may not want them to be seen with any boxy equipment that may resemble such a device. What is blatantly obvious is that the material and rigidness of her umbrella like ensemble would hide any bulky equipment that she may be carrying.

Whatever it is,  the bulk of it is certainly being carried at the waist, which would explain the especially inflated look from her chest to and down to almost her knees.

I think recently with her coughing attack, while speaking in Ohio, we have seen the most unusually obvious suite she’s worn to date, with a huge umbrella collar that came to light at the same time her coughing attacks became worse. I think what we can conclude, is that Hillary Clinton is now a walking patient. A sick patient with obvious health monitoring and perhaps even life saving equipment hiding underneath.


Hillary’s Coughing attack during the Ohio Rally.

Whatever she is trying to hide, the most obvious thing we can consider is that she has a long term condition that is apparently getting worse, and could be fatal. I would implore to the voters, that you may want to consider a candidate who isn’t going to be bedridden after the election — certainly someone who can speak 7 minutes without coughing for 6 of it.


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