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“Soft Coup” Announced by Steve Pieczenik – Full Transcript

In an unprecedented announcement by the Intelligence community, Steve Pieczenik announced that a counter-coup was underway to counter the coup that Hillary and Bill Clinton have conducted in our country. He calls it the “Second American Revolution”.

A Soft Coup against the Clintons and their Cronies — including President Barack Obama and A.G. Loretta Lynch, and others, is currently under way.


Dr Steve Pieczenik is a legend in the Intelligence community, having served under Presidents Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.


On November one, two thousand sixteen, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their entourage of assistants effected a civilian coup. In contrast to the usual concept of a coup where the military is involved, and takes over the White House and Communication Centers — very much like the scenarios you see in a movie, this coup was done silently, and very effectively through two methods: “corruption” and “cooptation”. The Clintons have been involved in coopting our White House, our Judiciary, our CIA, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, our Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and our Director of the FBI James Comey — for some time now.

What they’ve done is to make sure that they were part and partial of a group of people who were interrelated through political cronyism. however, in order to stop this coup, we in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together, and with their permission, I am begining to announce that we have initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

What has happened in effect when Comey had to open up the case of Hillary Clinton and discuss the emails that were involved with the anthony wiener case, it was not the case itself that was as important as  the fact that this is the antre for many of us in the counter-coup to say to the administration: “We have your number”. Not only do we have your number, we’re going to stop you from making Hillary the President of the United States, and at the same time, we will convict and indict the President of the United States, Loretta Lynch, and many others who were involved in the coverup of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation.

Now in both cases their coup was silent and our counter-coup was silent and it was all transgressed, or occurred on the internet, and this is probably the first time in history of any country where a coup was initiated on through the internet and a counter coup was initiated through the internet.

I am just a small part of something far bigger than myself. It was the brave men and women who were in the FBI, the CIA, the Director of Intelligence, the  Military Intelligence, and men and women in 15 other intelligence organizations the who are sick and tired of seeing this corruption in the White House, and the Justice Department, and the Intelligence System, and we decided that there was something we had to do in order to save the Republic.

So we initiated a counter-coup, through Julian Assange, who’s been very brave and, really quite formidable, in his ability to come forth, and provide all the necessary emails that we gave to him in order to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Again America, we’re going through a major, major transition, and quite frankly, a Second American Revolution.

We do not have guns. We do not have weapons. We do not have intent to kill anybody. We do not intend to harm anybody, but we the American public and those of us who’ve served as Veterans, and in the Intelligence Service — like myself, will stop the Clintons from assuming power that they don’t deserve.

At the same time, we will make certain that Obama leaves, without any trail, of a pardon, or any other act of treason. in effect we want a peaceful transition in this great American Republic.

I bring you this news and i want you to understand what has happened. A moment of history is occurring right now in front of us, and I’m proud to explain it to you.




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