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Trump Presidency – “Immigration”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd after addressing a GOP fundraising event, Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015, in Birch Run, Mich. Trump attended the Lincoln Day Dinner of the Genesee and Saginaw county Republican parties. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Now that Immigrants have watched America vote in Donald Trump, by an overwhelming majority, what does this mean for Immigration, Deportation, Citizenship, and Amnesty? Non-Citizens wait in uncertainty about what will happen next.

First, in order to understand President Trump’s Immigration Policy, you must understand the laws with respect to Immigration; the general consensus of the country, and the various aspects of Immigration; and the concerns that trouble Americans the most.


America has been so used to seeing Immigrants coming over the mexican border unchecked, and unhindered for the last four year, under Barack Obama policies, it was almost becoming accepted by many Americans. Barack Obama not only housed these illegal immigrants, but gave them money cards, and bussed them to malls to buy clothes and other necessities at American malls.

In doing so, Barack Obama Instigated and perpetuated the blatner disregard for American Sovereignty. Some might say, “But at the time he was still President.” The law states that what he did was against the law, and even encouraged lawlessness, and allowed dangerous criminals to enter the United States. This is an act of Treason against the U.S.

Barack’s Immigration policy allowed Illegal Aliens, guilty of murder, to return the same way — sometimes multiple times, only to commit the same crimes over and over with no consequences.

tumblr_lx6quy_ye_lp1qfc2z3o1_500Over the last 15 years now, there have been a gang coming into the U.S. called MS-13, from Central America, Mostly from El Salvador. Ten years ago the FBI did a sweep of MS-13 from american cities, where this gang was using axes, Chainsaws, and other weapons to kill Americans in major U.S. cities. This gang in particular is responsible for hundreds of American deaths and Rapes.

These are the guys Donald Trump was referring to when he said we need to get the bad illegal immigrants out. Other gangs include those migrating from South America, Colombia and China among other nations. America saw Barack Obama release these gangs from prison and relocated them in many US cities in the US. America was rightfully outraged.

The White House also allowed Immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and other Islamic nations that contain the majority of “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, almost unchecked. He not only allowed them to come into the country with almost no vetting, but gave them enough allowance to live better than most middle class Americans.

Since October 1st,  refugees from the Middle east who came to America was receiving welfare, medical, and housing allowance amounting to over $100,000.00 a year.

We demanded he stop this utterly careless and senseless policy that endangers our country as we’ve seen was the case with Germany, Sweden, France and other European nations.

This is one of the greatest concerns America was most angry about, when we supported Donald Trump. Barack Obama didn’t just allow Immigrants to come into the US illegally, but carelessly, recklessly.

In a Donald Trump Presidency, We know this madness with stop.



Trump Rally Los Angeles, California 9/21 – Courtesy KPFK

So what does Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies mean for those who come to America to seek better opportunities. America welcomes Immigrants who want to come to America to have opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have in their country. We are also aware that most Immigrants would never have left their country if their home country offered the same opportunities as America did.

But just the same. The opportunities are here, and we very much appreciate that sentiment. We’re not asking Immigrants to grovel that we gave them the opportunities they have now, but we do want them to respect our culture, our values, and our laws. We don’t want to see lawlessness in a country that was built on Laws.

Because that is the case, we also don’t want to see Immigrants coming in Illegally and breaking the law when they are here. We want Immigrants to come to America “Legally”. thought the process that we have set up in our Immigration Department. Get sponsored, Get a Visa, and come to America and take advantage of what we have to offer, but do it legally. If you come here illegally, you do have a good chance of being deported. That’s always been the law of the land, and you can expect President Elect Trump to enforce it.


What you saw November 8th, was a result of an upset that should be an indicator to everyone that we have had enough with big Government selling our country out, and allowing Illegal Aliens and Criminals to come into the country without restraint by the thousands, threatening our economy, taking our welfare and taking our jobs when our Military Veterans don’t even get those opportunities.

You might be surprised, as I was, that Donald Trump won Arizona by a high margin, though a large majority of the population is Hispanic. Why? because Donald Trump heard the voice of Arizona’s Immigrants saying, “We came to this country legally, and all of these Illegals are coming in and taking all of our available jobs.” They see it as bitterly unfair that the same system that made them go through the immigration process is now allowing everyone to come in from Mexico illegally and taking their livelihood away from them.


America is a compassionate country and allow Immigrants to come into the country legally. The law is the law, and we are a nation of laws. Our citizens have been harmed by this lawless flood of immigrants, particularly the Black Community. Right now unemployment among blacks in 2016 was 26.7% on average. Many of those live in communities where opportunities are limited due to businesses and factories closing down in the U.S.

It is highly probable that hundreds of thousands of Illegal Immigrants will be deported from this country due to Barack Obama’s lawlessness on Immigration laws, which allowed millions of illegals in to begin with. Illegals might consider, that if our borders were secured and Barack Obama enforced the immigration laws already on the book. He might not have had the platform to run as President of the United States that he had.

The first wave, as I mentioned, will be to deport the illegal aliens who steal, rape, kill and sell or make drugs. — “The worst of the Worst”. Next will be illegals who are living unemployed as welfare recipients who have been defrauding our system for years and taking our money with no effort to find a job and become self sufficient.

From then on, it’s up to the President Elect to create and enforce policy that will be in place for the next four to eight years, and even longer. But America is not going to stand for lawlessness any longer.



As Donald Trump had said on his campaign trail,

“We are going to stop all immigration from countries where ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ exists, until we have a proper vetting process.”

But given the urgency of immigrants migrating to the US legally, the first ban to be lifted will be those who can show clear documentation of birth, citizenship of their country of origin, and a clearance by the Federal Law Enforcement in that country.

No new certificates of birth from those countries are likely to be allowed for such a time as the Immigration department can develop a proper vetting process for those types of situations. The problem with Immigrants coming to the U.S. and other European countries, is that they no longer have legal documents showing who they are in many cases. Some have also created their own forged documents to gain entrance into other countries.

Many countries have also been allowed by Barack Obama where no real government exists or is neglectful of those territories, that’s why terror cells sprout up their in the first place.

Countries like the Philippines, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America should be some of the first countries lifted from the ban, because such legitimate governments exists in those countries. There will, however, be new steps to pass in order to gain entrance into the United States, because Donald Trump has indicated part of the vetting process will include a screening of how the immigrant views American values and Culture. That, I imagine, will be in the form of some kind of exam or additional personal interview.


With the influx of millions of Syrian refugees entering Europe, I imagine only those who can prove they were born in Europe, would be allowed to gain entrance into the U.S. in the interim. That is just common sense. As for others non European Immigrants who were living in sanctuary cities in Europe, I would have no doubt, these immigrants will have considerable delays, even children.

We have seen Immigrants migrate from the Middle East to European countries and cause riots, get themselves involved with secular brawls, muggings, rapes, and even commit atrocious terrorists acts in those countries, so I would imagine, they would also be now listed as a terrorist country, with more restrictions than normal.


Certainly it is hard to say what will actually transpire, and how long the delay will be, before it is lifted. President Trump has indicated, when he was a candidate, which you can also read on his website, that “Jobs, Wages, and the security of American people” will come first. So I have no doubt that he will halt all immigration, but certainly restore it at its legal limit.

There will be delays, you can count on that, but it’s to ensure the security of American Citizens and American Legal Immigrants. Keep in mind, Barack Obama created the lawless flood of Immigration problems we have today, which is why we elected Donald Trump to clean up the process in the first place. If anything is changing, it’s because Barack Obama allowed it to happen in the first place. But also remember, Melania was an immigrant also, and Donald Trump knows the urgency of rectifying the vetting process as soon as possible with as little delay as possible so families can be together quickly.

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