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Trump Presidency – “Climate Change”

How does President Trump view Climate Change, and how does he view the science behind the Climate Change claim? For the past 20 year, Global Warming was, at least, in the top 20 highest priorities of Presidents since W.J. Clinton became president.  Ironically, since Barack Obama took office, the EPA has added 20,642 new regulations, making it nearly impossible for energy companies to do business in the U.S.

Barack Obama had budgeted more than $9 Billion for Climate Change and Clean energy initiatives in 2016 alone. US county workers are getting “Mandatory” paid training on Climate Change, and California, as well as Attorney General Loretta Lynch, want it to be against the law to deny climate change is real.

The entire Global Warming/Climate Change policy of the previous administrations have been a convenient vehicle to shut down U.S. energy companies, and send jobs to other countries; record tariffs in the millions for exports. Although Barack Obama made Climate Change one of the top priorities in the G20 summit in 2016, even over ISIS.

The Democrats in Washington have conveniently ignored the fact that continuous wars in the middle east, that they have been financing, with bombs exploding, and sorties flying continuous missions should also be construed as dangerous for the environment. However, but Climate Change policy only apply to companies in the US and not the government.

Global Trade agreements like TPP, TTIP, and now TiSA use Climate Change as a way to kill energy jobs in the United States, according to AFL-CIO. The TPP agreement allows Climate Change regulation to go unchecked, and make sure energy constraints don’t apply to companies overseas working with the E.U.

President Trump wants America to be energy independent, and that means removing many of the EPA regulations that choke the Energy Industry. Rumoured to be a part of the Transition Team, according to the New York Times is Myron Ebell, from the Competitive Enterprise Institute — a friend of the energy industry, and someone who vows to dismantle one of the Obama administration’s signature climate change policies.

Trump wants to tap into America’s $50 trillion shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves plus many other pro-energy independent policies to bring jobs back to our country.

Though, with all of the publicity and regulations and trade agreements involving the energy industry, there are 31,000 scientists who agree there is “no convincing evidence” of global warming produced by humans.

President Trump also intends to rescind all of Obama’s executive orders that have been killing jobs in America, but at the same time is very conscience of the importance, and necessity of the environment and clean energy initiatives that cut emissions and gasses, which help the environment.

Therefore, we can see a sensible compromise between environmental regulation, but at the same time, allow the Energy industry in America to thrive once again. But the million dollar question is, “Will President Trump Kill the Climate Change Initiative?” I hope so. We not only have regulations that will  keep our environment thriving without the Climate Change initiatives that are to some, a huge waste of time and money. We have an Environmental Protection Agency that assures our responsibilities of ensuring a clean America is being met.


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