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CNN and NY Times Rumoured to be Banned from White House Press Corp

Since Donald Trump became the President Elect on Tuesday, the Mainstream Media has been Groveling in “Self Realization”, about how biased their reporting has been in the last month of the Presidential Campaign. Some consider that the MSNBC admission of bias and weighted reporting against Trump was merely a publicity stunt after they realized they may be banned from effecting a position in the White House Press Corp.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon is expected to hold one of the top positions  in the Trump Administration, signaling to some in the Mainstream Media, they may no longer be holding offices in the West wing of the White House, as they had in previous administrations.

The Trump Transition team issued a statement on November 10th, that News Media outlets will be required to file new applications in order to be considered for the privilege of working in the White House Press Corp.

One spokesman close to the Trump Transition Team explained:

“With the heavily slanted reporting many Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, and the New York Times had positioned themselves throughout the duration of the campaign; plus the revelation of how several media outlets were collaborating with the Democratic National Committee to denounce and discredit Donald Trump in this campaign, the Transition team may be considering Pulling CNN, the New York Times, and others from the traditional White House Press Corps, and replacing them with up-and-coming Alternative Media outlets such as Breitbart News.”

CNN’s Van Jones perpetuated Donald Trump was a racist on Election night, echoing the false narrative constructed and dictated by the DNC and others in the Clinton Campaign. Some speculate this reporting was the cause the current riots occurring in the US over the past week.

Many of those on twitter are holding the Mainstream Media accountable for the Riots occurring in the US this week, and have also suggested, States should hold Media outlets civilly liable for damages resulting from unruly protesters burning vehicles and breaking windows because they were fueled by comments such as those reported by Van Jones.

The Trump Transition team also sites the irresponsibly dangerous reporting by such media outlets who, on the one hand, criticised Donald Trump after the debates for not answering that he would accept the results of the election, but then turned around and began reporting themselves the disappointment of Donald Trump winning the Election, and creating a racial divide and hindering the “smooth transition of power” for the Trump Administration .


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  1. Van Jones should be gone


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