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Trump Protest Organizers to face Millions in Labor Law Violations

Violations of State Labor Laws include: Employment of minors without parental consent; Paid Protesters working more than eight hours a day without breaks; Paid Protesters Working eight hours a day without Overtime or Double time pay, and more.

Paid Protesting is a dangerous business. One that puts one’s safety and in some cases, life at risk, and for that Protesters should be getting paid “Hazard Pay”. Those answering Craigslist ads for being a paid protester can go to the State labor board in their area, and file a claim of labor violations and get paid double what they have already received.

Some protesters surely were not paid anything as promised, and for that, Protesters can file  a claim and for every day, the organization doesn’t pay up, that individual can receive the full amount of payment claimed, for every day they don’t pay up.

Class action lawsuits could also arise from Protesters not getting what they were promised, or what they didn’t know they should have been receiving. Protesters can also sue organizers and win thousands, because organizers may have said this is a one day job, but maybe went on for more than one day, misleading them to believe that their position was a long term, or even a permanent position.

“This is a job, just like any other job, and there are laws in every State that protect employees, whether you’re an American Citizen or an undocumented immigrant, ‘even temporary ones’, can get paid what they deserve”

If you feel you have been taken advantage of by the Anti-Trump Protest Organizers, then file a claim today…




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