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America Insider Online New Information Reporting Format…

In an age of information and social media transformation that allows the public to select many choices of information to choose from, we’ve decided to move out of the traditional Current Event’s News format, and into the newly evolving Intelligence, Analysis, and Reporting format!

We came to this conclusion by disassociating ourselves from Mainstream and Alternative Media and adopted a more exciting and proactive format that predicts, as well as influences events, rather than just reports on them. Our proactive format also strives to change and shape policy and shaping the very existence of our way of life. Through analysis and distribution of information, we can help America to effect a great future, and preserve our way of life.

Thank you for reading, and subscribe today…

-R.A. Romero

About R. A. Romero (45 Articles)
Writer, Project Manager, Founder of American Insider Online --

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