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Julian Assange Pardon and Asylum in the U.S. “Highly Likely”

It’s no secret that when the Mainstream Media was coeluting with Hillary Clinton, the only honest and factual reporting came out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The thousands upon thousands of emails Wikileaks displayed during this election campaign became some of the most publicized posts ever on the internet, and sparked Federal investigation after investigation. Julian exposed the Democratic National Committee and their sinister,  and “highly illegal” actions, with emails showing how they sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign, leading to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step down in utter humiliation.

Assange also exposed the DNC’s next Interim Chair, Donna Brazile, sharing Debate and Town Hall questions and answers with the Clinton Campaign before the debates, which revealed that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and the Mainstream Media were all working against all other candidates in both parties.

Wikileaks exposed the “Pay-for-Play” activity of the infamous Clinton campaign — showing millions of dollars were donated to the Foundation by Countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and others, who likewise were exposed for supporting ISIS.


On October 2010 Wikileaks published the Iraq war documents showing that Iraqi civilian casualties were much higher than reported by the Bush Administration. The Administration also trained Insurgents how to used explosives and many other embarrassing information for the public to read.

The Bush Administration, along with other allies such as France and Sweden teamed up against Assange making accusations of sexual misconduct, which were later dropped in November 2010, but re-opened by a special prosecutor for a lesser charge of sexual misconduct.

Assange was given asylum by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London England four years ago this week, and has been held up there ever since.

Julian has since become a well known celebrity of sorts over the years, and has escaped many attempts to bring him in — “Dead or Alive”, but then things began to turn around for Julian:

Julian Assange obtained emails from Hillary Clinton and others in her department during the Private Email Server Investigation by the FBI, which revealed a Secretary of State breaking every known US Confidential law ever made. Hillary, unlike Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange, was not indicted, which even the press was surprised and even excessively disappointed.

One has to ask, “If Hillary Clinton, with being in one of the most trusted positions in government — carelessly and recklessly handling state secrets, then why was she not incarcerated?” The hypocrisy of the Hillary clinton investigation was revealed in letter asking Barack Obama if they can “Drone Assange”, when she herself was even more blatantly in the wrong, as she was sworn to protect those secrets; Assange wasn’t.

Sweden Assange

Julian Assange, Ecuadorian Embassy 2016

So what lies in wait for Edward Snowden? the contractor currently seeking asylum in Russia for revealing secrets of the AT&T/NSA private information sharing? Well, the difference is that Snowden was a contractor who signed an agreement stating he would be prosecuted for revealing US confidential information he was involved with — a whole different scenario.

Assange was not sworn to confidentiality, nor was he a U.S. Citizen who stole these documents.

An outcry spread through the internet when Julian Assange was about to release more Clinton and Podesta emails, but had his internet connection turned off by the Ecuadorian Embassy, but documents and emails were released anyway, and one of the Candidates for the highest office in the United States, was exposed of being one of the worst, law-breaking and arrogant politicians the world had ever seen.

This was so frustrating to the Intelligence community, that they admitted through Steve Peaczenik, that Julian Assange helped them release these emails to the public to help stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president, and risked his life doing it. It wasn’t Putin, as the Clinton Campaign so often alluded to, without any factual evidence to prove it.

Now the election is over, and Donald Trump is the President Elect, to be inaugurated on January 20th, 2017. Will President Trump grant Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a pardon for his participation of the Bush investigation, and perhaps even slightly damaging relations with Sweden and France in the interim?

Consider this: Donald Trump won supporters and the movement that made him President was partially in thanks to Julian Assange revealing who Hillary Clinton really was. The #TurmpTrain and #Trumpsters who viciously supported Donald Trump during his campaign were fired up to support Trump partially because they had the necessary information to show Trump was the only candidate that this country could trust.

I’m certain a petition will be circulating soon, just before January — signed by hundreds of thousands of Americans, requesting that President Trump pardon Julian Assange and allow him to seek asylum in the United States.

After all, given the velocity of destructive Immigration, Anti-Constitutional, Economic trade, and Globalist policy supported by Hillary Clinton, I believe, as many Americans who voted for President Trump do, that we owe Julian Assange our deepest gratitude, in what I believe helped save the United States of America.

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1 Comment on Julian Assange Pardon and Asylum in the U.S. “Highly Likely”

  1. I think it’s time Assange be treated as another journalist just reprinting what he received. If he violated security secrets in the beginning I think he’s redeemed himself by providing the transparency that Obeewama and Killary never delivered as promised.


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