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America Belongs to Americans Again

The United States has always been a country of acceptance for anyone who wanted to come into our country legally and accept our ideology and multicultural way of life. Just because we had a president, over the last eight years, who broke the law, watered down the Constitution, and created laws accepting all things perverted and immoral, has never meant that’s who we are as Americans.

Open borders, and the sharing of the country’s wealth with those who aren’t legal residence was also, not who we are as a country. The Obama presidency was a huge mistake and a dark time in our history that will never happen again, for at least the next one hundred years.

Real Americans voted to get their country back from the perverts and criminals who nearly destroyed it. America is not going to move backwards, it’s going to move upwards, and leave behind a path of progressive destruction that threatened our way of life, and the moral fabric of our society.

 I will not take down my flag, my Christmas decorations, or my cross to please the intolerant. If you can’t pledge allegiance to the red, white and blue, and abide by our laws,  then you are welcome to leave.

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