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The Political Movement Politicians are Afraid to Talk About

There is a social media movement born out of the 2016 Presidential Election, that is very powerful, and very political. One that protects Donald Trump and his family, and Slammed Mainstream Media

This movement resides in Reddit, Facebook, but is highly predominant in Twitter. It’s a group of millions of highly proactive political citizens in the United States and small internet news networks, and is so powerful, it not only fought against the largest cable news networks in the world to get Donald Trump elected as President, but also caused CNN to have the lowest ratings of any major cable news network in the country.

Listening to CNN, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post and others, you would think, Hillary Clinton would be the president of the United States in a landslide, but what happened that no network dared to reveal is that “The Movement” was so influential in its pursuits to demonize Hillary Clinton as “The Criminal”, rather than the leader of the free world, as the press wanted you to believe, that after November 8th, the press sat in bewilderment trying to figure out how they lost.

The Movement became self aware during the Presidential Primaries of 2016, but more so after the election when it was realized they pulled off the upset of the century. Since then, they used their influence on anyone who opposed or attacked the Trump family or anyone who dictated policy against the will of the American people.


Matt Harrigan Former CEO of PacketSled

Matt Harrigan, CEO of PacketSled was a victim of his own actions when he posted a threat on facebook that he would get a sniper rifle and assassinate President Elect Trump. It only took one week before Matt’s whole life was ruined by his own liberal rants.

Many in the movement new him and his company and unfortunately for him, his financial backers. His backers and other large businesses, including the University California San Diego was contacted and informed that this man who threatened to assassinate the president elect was being backed by a contractor currently working for the University.

Matt and his family also received numerous death threats from the movement and he ended up locking himself up in his house, and was concurrently fired from his own company by his Board. The Movement changed his life forever. Even tweeting and posting on facebook that he apologized for his comments, didn’t help him any. The damage was done, and the movement alerted the FBI and Secret Service of Matt harrigan and where to find him.

Mainstream Media is no stranger to the power of the Movement. During the Primaries an all out CNN Blackout was conducted. Campaign after Campaign of CNN bashing left the largest most popular Cable News Network to be rated dead last in the ratings, and retained the most unpopular hashtag any news agency could be plastered with, #FakeNews.


#Blackout @CNN campaign from July on

With its unpopularity as a disseminator of #FakeNews, and also given the nickname “Clinton News Network” CNN was even suggested to be one of three #FakeNews outlets that should be banned from the White House Press corp.

Many news Celebrity also were hit with an unstoppable force by the Movement, including Megyn Kelly, from the Kelly files who was systematically removed from Fox News after her ratings tanked when the Movement led the campaign #BoycottMegynKelly.


Her book sales were inundated with horrible ratings — 73% of them slammed her book with one star. Megyn Kelly now works for “Leftist” network ABC News.

Katie Ritch, writer of Saturday Night Live put herself in the unfortunate position of posting de-classe comments about ten year old Barren Trump. The Movement loves Barron Trump as well as the rest of the Trump family, and as a result, Katie was suspended from SNL indefinitely, and had to post an apology.


Katie Rich, former writer of Saturday Night Live

The movement continued well after January with punishing those who would speak out against our President, including one Secret Service officer who claimed she “wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump” — also suspended. has-been popstar, Madonna, claiming she wanted to “blow up the white house”, who was subsequently visited by the FBI and Secret Service who later made a statement that her “words were taken out of context”

starbucksBut the most influence the movement has, is against large corporations, seen after the executive order of the Immigration Band, where CEO Howard Schultz claimed that he would hire ten thousand immigrants next year in protest to the President’s ban, and as a result, their companies value dropped $400 Billion dollars in one week, and still falling. Shultz is no stranger to political controversy. He also made the statement at a board meeting in 2016 that if you don’t support ‘Same Sex Marriage’ then we don’t want your business. Starbucks stocks plummeted after that and only during the Christmas holiday, allowed them a chance to recover, then this act of discrimination caused their stock to drop again.

The Movement is a real Political force, and has gain speed and precision. Many have only become victims, not of free speech, but of enacting policies inconsistent with the views of the Movement, and insulting the President’s family, which the Movement adores. This movement is so real, that even the President will occasionally ask, on social media, if an opinion seems justified.


Campaigns know as “Leftist Trolls” are now permeating social media trying to counter and change the opinion of those in the Movement who would otherwise decimating those who got in the way of “Making America Great Again”.

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