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Dems Use All Their Heaviest Artillery in First Weeks

In an unprecedented move, Senate Democrats use Filibustering, No-Shows, and other “Stall Tactics” during confirmation hearings, showing how frightened and impotent they really are.

Techniques like these are usually reserved for negotiations with a new administration’s second, or even third year in office, to protest a piece of legislation when a bipartisan agreement cannot be reached.

However, beginning in the first week of the Trump Administration, the Senate Democrats are trying to convey a show of force, like a chicken that ruffles its feathers and spreads it’s wings to make it look larger than it really is, but as everyone knows, the chicken ends up getting eaten anyway.

Stalling, and not showing up to vote for a confirmation is the only power left for the minority Democrats in the Senate. Now the only thing they’ve show their constituents and fellow colleagues , is that they will accomplish nothing more than to be an inconvenience and a time waster to the administration — protesting anything that President Trump puts before them to pass.

The Trump administration has learned that the only thing they need to do is wait it out. All actions by the administration will be passed by the majority Republican Senate anyway, and Senate Democrats will have proven that Politics come before the Americans and Illegal immigrants who voted for them.


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