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“Enemies of America”

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 16: U.S. President Donald Trump calls on a reporter during a news conference announcing Alexander Acosta as the new Labor Secretary nominee in the East Room at the White House on February 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. The announcement comes a day after Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

When Donald Trump told the media they were “Enemies of America”, he was right, and I’ll tell you why: 95% of the donations by the media in the 2016 primaries went to Hillary Clinton. They echoed every sentiment by Barack Obama when he declared war on the Police. They created #FakeNews and propagated lies by their news stories. All for the purpose of dividing America.

There are Globalists who would like to see America collapse because we are an imbalance to the New World Order. We are much more powerful than any other group of nations, and the only way to synchronize the world economies in a more harmonious global economy is to collapse the United States and share its wealth with other countries so that they may be flush.

The book “New World Order” by Pat Robertson outlines every detail of this some 25 years ago. I remember reading it in college, and I watched everything come about exactly as Mr. Robertson said.

Never since the cold war has the press been so controlled as it is today. Where the Democratic National Committee has meetings with Wolf Blitzer and asks them “What questions should I ask?” Reporters are admitting they are being paid big money to report “Fake News” stories.

You cry when President Trump calls you #FakeNews, but you  purpetuate hate! You divide this country by trying to find a negative byproduct of an actual news story — all so you can try to find a story that will undermine the Presidency and find a way to remove him because you hate losing control of your influence, which you already did.

This is your right, of course, it is the first amendment. But you’re not News, you’re protesters. You are no better than Antifa. You are no better than the Muslim Brotherhood, and you are no more credible than either.

The President isn’t the one who undermine the first amendment by calling you #VeryFakeNews, You undermine the first amendment by creating #FakeNews, and reporting #TrashTalkNews. #TrashTalkNews is not “News” but it is your first amendment right, and that’s fine. Just don’t expect anyone to watch you because you are not news, you are #PaidProtesters.

You are enemies of America becuase you try to create Racism where it doesn’t exists; Treason where it doesn’t exists; chaos, where it doesn’t exists. You only need to listen to the media asking questions in the White House press briefings to see how they are trying to ask question that only pertain to a story that would cause irreparable harm to the Trump Administration.

A new bill needs to be passed. Any time the press creates #FakeNews and doesn’t retract it on the front page, or the top of the news, then they should be fined. Congress should allow citizens to sue the mainstream media with damages of $200,000.00 award to each citizen where they can prove the media mislead them.

There should be an FCC fine for $1,000,000. for calling yourself “News” when all you do is crap out opinions. “News” should be defined it it’s own right as it relates to real historical news, not perpetual #FakeNews and #TrumpBashnig opinions. It doesn’t confine free speech to do so, it categorizes your speech to what is fact, and what is opinion.

You are Fake, Divisive, and Dangerous to America, and you need to be called out as such –In my humble opinion.


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