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Antifa employs new strategy — “Self Humiliation”

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We’ve seen since the Election of Donald Trump, a new movement of Anarchists/Socialist come out of the halls of Universities and basements of their parents homes. The “Antifa” movement, who claim to be anti-fascists have indoctrinated themselves as “speech police” in a sense. They protest anyone with an opinion different than their own, and they beat young women with sticks and pepper spray them as well. Why they don’t start fights with real men is clear: They themselves are cowards.


Antifa thug gets beat after spraying a women with pepper spray

Over the course of the last month we’ve seen several Pro-Trump rallys, particularly Huntington Beach, where Patriots waved their flag and signs proudly in celebration of this country’s rebirth of the “American Way”. During this protest Antifa members, hiding their faces like radical female muslims and dressed in black clothes and their grandmas’ combat boots, showed up to start trouble at the march.

The result of their approach resulted in many injuries to their bodies and egos. The Trump march brought a can of “Whoopass” whith them, and used it effectively, which utterly demoralized and humiliated the antifa members that day.


Trump supporter shouts at antifa member

Aside from being beaten, Antifa members were yelled at severely. The result of which brought them to a new realization that they weren’t the tough socialists they thought themselves to be.

Nevertheless, these anarchists, who reportedly came from a boring existence, living in their parents basement and playing Halo for hours on end on the playstation they got for Christmas, tried images (1)to cause even more disruption by pepper spraying a defenseless woman and causing them to get arrested and torn apart by Police dogs.

Now an interesting development has occurred in the atifa socialist strategy. They found that if they play the victim, they believe they will gain more sympathy from other liberals.

This week was met with many tweets, particularly by  about how

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The “Nuclear Wedgie”

Trump supporters are abusing them, by duct-taping them to street signs, walls, and pulling their underwear up over their heads with a “Nuclear Wedgie”.

Sadly this campaign doesn’t seem to be working becuase people are realizing this is a phony stunt becuase many times the victim is seen smiling, as if it’s a joke. The new Antifa has become more docile and ineffective in their pursuits to prove President Trump is a Fascist, so they have resulted in “Self-Humiliation” as a means of drumming up support for their organization.



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