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Antifa and its “Identity Crisis”

Who is Antifa? If you asked a one hundred members, you would get one hundred answers. They are an anti-fascist group that exists to suppress the evils of fascism, but if you ask one hundred of them what fascism is, you would get one hundred different answers.

What is Fascism? Merriam’s Dictionary states:


Lets also look at the definition of Autocracy since it’s in the definition of Fascism:


So it seems that fascism is a political ideology that exalts Nation and often race above the individual “And” that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader…

examples of autocracies are:

  • Brunei
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Swaziland

all of which are coincidentally, “Sunni Muslim”. which have a ruler of absolute authority, and the United States and the Trump Supporters which they despise, are actually part of a Republic where the people vote who rules the country. We also have a set of “Checks and Balances” which keep our government at bay.


Antifa in front of the well known ISIS flag

The flags of the Antifa come in many configurations, and what is also obvious is their identity has not been formulated. It’s as if they are evolving as they go. They are trying to come up with an identity, but seem to be confused about what they represent. They consider themselves Anarchists, yet they protest Nationalism in America which stands for, and protects the freedoms and laws of this Republic!

Looking at their flag, they express a passion to oppose fascism, but they’re never seen protesting true fascism, such as that of autocratic countries. Their flag which in most cases shows red over black, an Anarcho-Syndicalist, but in many cases you see the black over red, the Anarcho-Communist. So again, they have no true identity.



th (1)


The University Professors, who support this movement seem to be using their students in sort of a dangerous social experiment that they have instigated so as to publish their newest papers, and books. They certainly know the definition of fascism and Anarcho movements, but seem to be misleading them to believe they are right. Many of these students are getting hurt and hurting others for the amusement of their University professors.

The movement itself doesn’t have a clearly defined Mission Statement, nor a clear structure of authority. It appears that they are more congregated in cells, similar to how terrorist organizations form. No one has any real authority, or a hierarchy of authority in order to determine what Antifa actually is.

Bless their hearts, they are trying to stand for freedom and rights for all individuals, but they are also seemingly siding with islam which stands for everything they are against. if they want to stand for individual rights, then look no farther than the nearest mosque that doesn’t allow women to worship with the men; Or where women have to cover themselves and do as their husband commands, or they get punished; another is Islam’s unacceptability of gay rights, and other religions. Islam would never allow gay marriage in their mosques, because they are the most intolerant sect in the world.

If these are Anti-Fascist as they claim, then they could go a long way to stamp out Fascism by beginning with Islam — the greatest offenders of intolerant in the world.

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