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Julian Assange Recovery from Volt Seven Not Likely

Once labeled a hero to Trump Supporters back in 2016, for Wikileaks revealing the Hillary Clinton emails and the DNC emails, among other things, Julian Assange has brought severe backlash upon the well known tabloid with their release of “Volt 7 – CIA Hacking tools revealed” — released on march 7th 2017; particularly from those who feel the CIA needed those tools protected and confidential to keep Americans safe.

Because of Julian’s decision to cooperate with the large software manufacturers to patch their products and prevent it’s use any further, many in America are wondering if it was the smart thing to do. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States grants citizens the right of protection against such tools, and though some would argue that they’re ok with it becuase they “don’t have anything to hide”, these tools could be used to violate those rights.

Still, notwithstanding, the tools were likely very valuable to prevent terrorist attacks in the U.S. and those tools are now exposed for the world to see, and to use themselves.

Julian Assange crossed the line again in reporting information at the expense of America’s safety, and therefore asylum for the rogue reporter would not be considered a popular option for America at this point.

The CIA is currently investigating Julian Assange and threatened criminal charges against him. Now Wikileaks is fighting back claiming he has the support of the Trump support base on his side, yet unfortunately for Assange, the people he listed in his article are mostly “Fair weather” Trump supporters who are indicating they don’t want Julian Assange charged.

An outrageous attempt at propaganda has many of us laughing at him for thinking we somehow have his back more than we would the President of our own country. Assange cannot be more mistaken.

The United States now considers the Arrest of Julian Assange a “High Priority” The DOJ is looking into the matter at this moment. Jeff Sessions said in El Paso last week:

“We’ve already begun to step up our efforts and whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail,”

Julian Assange hopes his tweet about the AltRight will be alienated if Trump continues to pursue charges against him, and has come up with a redline of May 1st for the President to stop pursuing him, or his base will abandon him.

The Loyalty for President Trump by #TheMovement, #TrumpTrain #TrumpSupporters, and “Alt-Right”, or whatever we may be referred to, is “unmistakably solid” and will back Trump on every decision he makes, becuase we know he puts #AmericaFirst.

Will there be protests? Maybe. Will we abandon our president for someone who put the safety of Americans at risk for his own fame? “Hell No!”


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