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Democrats Want Bailout for Obamacare and Puerto Rico in Fiscal Budget, But No Wall

President Donald Trump during a joint news conference with Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy, at the White House in Washington, April 20, 2017. In their earlier Oval Office meeting, Gentiloni told the president he awaited his visit to Sicily in May for an upcoming G7 summit. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

The Democrats reportedly asked for Billions of dollars to bail out insurance companies that have suffered huge losses from the failing Obamacare this week during budget negotiations in Washington.

The Insurance companies have suffered yuge losses in the wake of the collapsing Affordable Healthcare Act, as premiums rise and quality of service falls in both government and private health care options that are available to Americans.

Many of the government healthcare issues lay in the balance between those who buy health care and those who don’t; and the rising cost of services. United Health for example had lost $475 million in 2015, and is now making money again after leaving the ACA marketplace.

Those who are still in it are hoping for a hefty payday bailout from the taxpayers in this year’s budget, but President Trump doesn’t like the idea calling the proposal ridiculous.

Included in the Democrats wishlist is yet another bailout for Puerto Rico in the unprecedented amount of $72 Billion dollars, as it faces national bankruptcy, which the White House says we cannot afford to pay. Every year congress rejects the bailout of Puerto Rico as it just doesn’t act fiscally responsible.

The Obama administration had made an arrangement with Puerto Rico to funnel $2 Billion into the small country amounting to 20% of its annual budget. Congress is still uncertain if that is even Constitutional. Many would like to see the small country completely independent from the United States.

The Border Wall, which was a promise candidate Donald Trump ran on during the primaries, will not be part of the negotiations for next fiscal year’s budget as Senator Chuck Schumer explained, any budget with the Border Wall in it would be a “Non Starter”

Twitter lit up with outrage after that suggesting that the Democrats put partisan politics above the safety of American lives. President Trump also expressed his disdain for the Democrats expressing his concern that drugs will continue to come through the border.

Though the wall is certainly alive and well in the minds of Americans, many suggestions have rolled in on other ways to pay for the wall including: using seized funds from Mexican drug dealers, like the $14 Billion seized from El Chapo Guzman as suggested by Senator Ted Cruz. Also American’s suggested use the federal funding sent to “Sanctuary Cities” as a means to finance the wall project.

As anyone can see, Negotiations have begun, and with only two days before the end of negotiations, and a looming government shutdown, it would seem a miracle would be the only way the Democrats and the Republicans can come to an agreement.

Many in the mainstream media are suggesting that if the government does shut down, i will be all on Trump. However, Trump made his proposal, and the Democrats are again defiant in giving the President anything as a mas effort of political obstructionism.

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