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The President Sets His Sights Abroad

Amidst the controversies brewing in the United States, President Trump is looking ahead of that with his first foreign trip upcoming. The President and his staff remained firm that there would be no canceling of the trip and that sign of confidence is something Trump supporters and the American people can grasp onto while he is gone. White House officials met on Wednesday and are hopeful that the trip can begin on Friday.  The trip is planned to last for around nine days. National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton declared.

“The trip is going to be helpful because it’s an opportunity to move forward his positive agenda for foreign policy”

Trump’s first foreign-policy speech will be delivered in Saudi Arabia. The speech will be on radical Islam and is currently being working by policy advisor Stephen Miller. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said the speech will be, “inspiring yet direct.” McMaster stated:

“The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America’s commitment to our Muslim partners”

Despite the President’s previous and current travel ban which affects several mostly Muslim inhabited countries, the speech is supposed to evoke feelings of togetherness and allegiance. The speech is also intended to inspire a need to confront radical Islamic ideology, which has caused major attacks over the globe, such as the attacks in France, Sweden, Brussels, and the one recently in London which killed four people and hospitalized twenty-nine.

After Saudi Arabia, President Trump will visit Israel, to discuss Palestinian-Israeli confrontation that has plagued the country since Hamas infiltrated the Gaza Strip in the 1990’s, and who aims to take over Palestine. Also the very controversial planning of the US embassy’s move to Jerusalem will also be on the agenda.

After, President Trump will visit the Pope at the Vatican, according to a senior administration official. The President will conclude his tour — meeting with NATO in Brussels and then to the widely protested G-7 summit in Italy the next day.

Overall, this trip will be the first trip in history where an American President has visited countries of the most well-established religions of the world, all at once, for the purpose of gathering together a religious summit, of sorts, to help fight radical Islamic terrorism.



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