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President Trump Expected to Leave Paris Climate Accord

Climate change, the political tool of Globalism, has been derailed in the United States, and even to a large extent, wounded in Europe with the largest member of the accord deciding to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In 2016 Barack Obama submitted an annual budget of $4 Trillion, which included $8.1 to $8.6 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency  and $27.3 to $29.9 billion for the Energy Department.

OBama’s Climate change efforts, which beefed up the Bureau of Land Managements confiscation of farmland and forestry, coupled with the EPA’s increased restrictions of energy companies, choked the U.S. economy to a GDP of 1.6%, while increasing outsourcing to foreign companies.

Word got around to other member nations of the alliance which prompted a tsunami of #FakeNews reactions to the news of the withdrawal — for example the German Ambassador Peter Wittig hilariously claimed, “If the U.S. pulls out of the Paris agreement, then China will be the new world leader.

The Obama administration staff fired off on Twitter with bouts of uncontrolled rants — adding to yet more helplessness of the “Progressive Left”. Trump met recently with  Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and several other advisers who supported the United States withdrawal, or at least distancing  the U.S. from the Paris agreement.

The the human contribution to Global Warming seems to be all over the charts, but we do know that the raise in temperature of the earth has only increased one degree in one hundred years.

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