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Sharia Law is Radical Islam

On June 10th, thousands of people from all over the country will march in protest against a legal institution of radical Islam known as “Sharia Law”. Sponsored by Act for America, the #MarchAgainstSharia event will be held in 28 cities across the United States. The March is to promote human rights, and protest against foreign laws from being recognized in the United States.

Though Sharia Law is a legal system derived from the religion of Islam, for the purpose of establishing a caliphate of radical Islamic ideology wherever it may reside, we must recognize that the #MarchAgainstSharia isn’t a protesting against Islam. On the contrary, millions of peaceful Muslims reside all over the world, and are not radicalized in the extent we see in the middle east, and now, many countries in Europe.

The protest on June 10th is about standing up for human rights of those, especially women, who are victims of Sharia’s radical ideology. It’s violation of human rights, particularly in the United States has been recognized in certain Liberal States, like California and New York, that feel it’s more important to protect foreign laws, rather than an individual’s Constitutional right.

The “Extremist” ideology of “Tolerism” from the liberal left, and Democratic establishment allows Sharia to be recognized, by a U.S. judicial system, that in some cases actually rule for the defendant who justify wife beating, or raping, using a defense of Sharia Law as their religious rights.

Too many times in the last year, we’ve seen men killing their daughters, or wives in “Honor Killings”, or mutilating of a child’s genitals in the name of their religious extremism. One may try to argue that circumcision is a form of child genital mutilation, but the major difference is that circumcision has benefits to the child. Female genital mutilation on children as young as 6 years old, as prescribed by radical Islam, on the other hand, is to remove the female’s ability of having an orgasm to keep them loyal to their husbands.

170422184302-doctors-split-exlarge-169Just recently two doctors in Michigan were arrested for performing such surgical procedures on young girls.

Fakhruddin Attar and Jumana Nagarwala, no longer doctors, were arrested in April and currently reside in federal prison. Their photos should also remind us that the face of Radicalism, doesn’t need to look radical. It can be anyone who practices a radical ideology.

Sharia law by it’s definition, goes against the Constitution of the United States. Our judicial system was designed specifically for the purpose of protecting human rights, whereas Sharia law directly violates those rights.

Sharia Law oversees divorce between Islamic married couples. The States have laws protecting women based on default child support laws, and custody based on the recommendation of Child Court Services. Our laws have contingencies and obligation to the children in the separation of families based on extensive psychological studies which determine what the best course of action would be for that child.

Alimony is also a determination in divorce that the U.S. legal system has sided predominantly on the side of women for their own protection, and recognition of rights for women who were 100% supported by their spouse during marriage.

In countries in the middle east, you see in many cases where women are beaten, herded like cattle, and stoned to death, in many countries, for  infidelity.  In Sharia, homosexuality is not allowed, and is also punishable by death in many middle eastern countries.

Sharia Law is not a tolerant legal system, and does not recognize human rights in the face of the Quran. It is a radial, and very medieval system of persecution which goes against the core values of Americans and the U.S. Constitution.

Extremism begins with Radicalism, and Radicalism begins with the acceptance of a radical ideology by moderate Muslims. It’s what I call the “Three Pillars of Islamic Radicalization”. Moderate Muslim > Radical Muslim > Extremist Muslim, also known as Jihadists. Each of which transition to the next pillar of extremism by the message of a radical Imam who is allowed to speak at a moderate mosque.

Moderate Muslims accept the legal system of the United States. They embrace the culture of freedom, protection of religion, and the opportunities that the United States gives them. Moderate Muslims know that by not accepting Sharia Law, they are not in anyway delegitimizing their faith, but rather, they are showing that their faith reflects that of peacefully obeying and respecting laws that are defined by the country where they reside, as do it’s citizens.

Radical Islam does not recognize laws of others, and does not obey laws of other countries. Radical islam are those you see praying in the streets in large numbers, blocking traffic against the constitutional right of freedom of movement. Radical Islam are those who you see protesting in the streets claiming that all will be Islam or will meet death.

Radical Islam tries to establish their own laws, and enforce their own “No-Go-Zone”, where in America, we are allowed to go anywhere that isn’t the private property of another, unless we are invited. Radical Islam asserts the idea that no one has any rights unless they say they do.


radical islamist activist Linda Sarsour

A perfect exampe of “Radical Islam”, can be found in the case where well known Radical Islam activist Linda Sarsour, advocates the abolishment of “Freedom of Speech” by filing a police report in New York city where she asked the police department to arrest anyone who insulted her.


Linda Sarsour – “Arrest Anyone Who Insults Me”

Sharia Law has also been a platform to Jihadism by allowing radical muslims to morph into the more extreme view of Islam. The Passivity of the European Union, and laws which punish those who speak out against anyone if it insults another person, has been the reason for so many deaths of innocent citizens of the U.K. in the last three weeks. The radical ideology is that which tends to refuse to assimilate to a new culture and, on the contrary, attempts to change that country to obey their own radical ideology.

The banning of Sharia Law by itself has been unsuccessful in many states becuase it is, ironically, protected under the Constitution of the United States as religious freedom, but States have been very successful in banning Sharia Law by passing legislation that bans or delegitimize any “Foreign laws” above those laws of Local, State, or Federal governments.

The banning of “Foreign Laws” legitimately excludes any religious connotation, thereby causing a piece of legislation to be acceptable and constitutional to the Supreme Court.

Stand up for human rights, and the protection of your country this June 10th, and attend the #MarchAgainstSharia at a venue near you. Sharia Law is Radicalism, not just the beginning of it. Protests for Sharia Law is Radical Islamist who refuse to assimilate to their new culture, and who refuse to respect the laws of that country.






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