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DNC Alienates Their Own Party By Becoming “Anti-American”

What was a stunning upset to the Democratic party in January, with Donald Trump winning the presidency, has now become a divorce of sorts, between two groups of the people in the United States. On the one hand, the “Anti-Trump Liberal Media”, Radical Islam, illegal aliens, as well as the feminist movement, are all collaborating together to report a false narrative to the American People that has crossed the line between questionable facts, to outright fabrications.

There are negative connotation to every story in the news — particularly with CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and others, with respect to the Trump Administration. Another is the predominately liberal Judges, like the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, trying to show dominance over “Executive Authority”, by ruling against the “Travel Ban” based on bombastic testimony rather than the normal foundation of legal governance.

The Democrats behavior during Jeff Sessions testimony was also evidence that they only wanted to repeat the Russian narrative fabrication, not ask questions of Sessions.

All of which drastically changed the opinion of the ill-informed “Bernie for President” population, and naive college students all over the country. Even hard-line Democrat have become alienated when recognizing the DNC’s only message is
“Obsessive-Divisiveness”, and have decided to abandon the party all together.

Colleges, as well as liberal gangs like Antifa are tormenting and assaulting Americans every day, for speaking for freedom, American growth, and American Pride. They claim American citizens who love their country are racists, and Universities are dangerously backing these anti-freedom of speech groups.

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The division has become noticeable everywhere: in the workplace, in families, in school, and especially in government agencies. The, Hillary Clinton backed, resist movement, which oppose any policy of President Trump, refuses to admit the stunning progress the President has made for this country.

An Anti-American Socialist sentiment is growing stronger and more repulsive by the week. Patriotic Americans are recognizing this, and are increasingly frustrated at the lack of morals, and respect shown to it’s citizens, and to authority in general.

Many Americans are beginning to talk about, “What happens if a Democratic candidate ever won the presidency next time? The retaliation would be so devastating, it could bring the country into Martial-Law

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